SPEQS offer a wide range of precision engineering services to a growing global clientele primarily in the Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Aviation industry.

Health, Safety & Environment

HSE Statement

Health, Safety and Environment responsibility is an integral part of SPEQS's business policy. SPEQS is dedicated to providing a secure and healthy workplace by maintaining our peoples' well being, ensuring that all activities are accomplished in a safe manner and sustaining the environment in which we work in when carrying out all activities.



SPEQS strives to ensure our peoples' physical well-being, making sure all are able to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in a health-conscious manner. SPEQS conducts regular health-related training sessions to increase knowledge regarding the importance of maintaining personal health. Medical check-ups and other necessary facilities are also provided to warrant the physical welfare of all our people.



SPEQS adopts a number of safe operating procedures that comply to all legal requirements. SPEQS will actively participate with all our client/ contractor bodies and other legal authorities in developing safety standards and promoting the image this industry. SPEQS maintains a high level of safety-awareness by means of safety meetings, internal audits, review meetings and general communications. All employees are encouraged to actively participate the administration and management of safety-related issues through defined company objectives and standards, which are regularly reviewed and apprised. Safety trainings are also periodically provided to all our people to reinforce knowledge of safety standards and skills, enabling them to accomplish their tasks and objectives in a non-hazardous manner, ensuring personal safety, as well as the safety of others. SPEQS commits to advocate continuous improvements to identify and eliminate or manage risks associated with its activities, so as to prevent work-related incidents, injuries and illnesses.


Protection of the Environment

SPEQS is committed to maintaining the environment in which it works in, therefore, it utilizes environmentally- friendly technologies in all business-related activities. SPEQS has implemented a waste management program in its HSE system. This aims to prevent releases, spills and leaks as well as taking immediate containment measure in the event of accidental discharges.